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Clapton's International Community Fair

On Sunday the 31st August, the sunshine smiled on Clapton Community Seventh-day Adventist church in preparation for their international community fair held on the grounds outside the church building. The family fun filled day consisted of music, international food from a variety of countries, free clothes and fun activities for children in aid of raising funds for the restoration of St Pauls church.

Many members of the community, local businesses and Clapton church’s members worked together to organise this community event. Stalls were set up to offer free treats to every visitor, a bouncy castle and hula hoops were provided for the children, and members cycled for hours on an exercise bike to raise money for the cause.

No activities were held inside the church which allowed visitors to take a tour of the historic building and enjoy some quiet meditation time.

The international fair was a wonderful opportunity for members of the Clapton community church to build bridges with their local community in an open and informal environment, it even inspired a few visitors to volunteer and contribute to the next one! This is the start of a special relationship with the local community, and with God the possibilities are absolutely endless.