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Behold The Man 2

Clapton Seventh-Day Adventist Church welcomed back Evangelist Roger Duncan from Trinidad and Tobago for its second instalment of its Behold the Man 2 Campaign. Our evangelism campaign was kicked off with our week of prayer by Dr Nadine Joseph who taught us the powerful meaning of prayer and techniques for praying in faith and praying for favour. Our campaign was then fully complete when Evangelist Roger Duncan preached a powerful sermon night after night about the need to behold the man that is Jesus Christ. Roger Duncan gave us a wake up call to the things happening within the world that goes against the natural order of what God intended for us. Jesus is showing us the nature of this world, and only wants us to look up and call out to Him and realise only He will save us from the devastation of the world. God is willing to reach out to all and no matter what state, are welcome in the House of God. Old messages were brought a new and a fresh to us to remind us of the core of what we as Seventh-Day Adventists believe.

This three week revival came to an end with three young souls giving their lives to glorify God.

Roger Duncan's two week campaign is available on CD for those wishing to purchase for a price of £20. If you would like to place an order for a CD, please contact